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Developing with Eclipse

This page explains how to compile and run the BaseX sources on your system using the Eclipse IDE.

Another article describes how to use BaseX as a query processor in Eclipse.


BaseX is developed using the Eclipse environment (other IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA can also be used). The Eclipse IDE includes the EGit plugin (for Git) and the m2e plugin (for Maven). Other plugins we use are:

Name Description Update URL
eclipse-cs Enforce Checkstyle coding conventions
SpotBugs Analyze project at byte code level
UCDetector Detect unnecessary code

Check Out

Our Git Tutorial explains how BaseX can be checked out from the GitHub Repository and embedded in Eclipse with EGit. The article also demonstrates how git can be used on command-line.

The basex repository contains the following subdirectories:

  1. basex-core is the main project
  2. basex-api contains the BaseX APIs (XML:DB, bindings in other languages) and HTTP Services (REST, RESTXQ, WebDAV)
  3. basex-examples includes some examples code for BaseX
  4. basex-tests contains several unit and stress tests

If the “Problems” View contains errors or warnings, you may need to switch to Java 11 (WindowsPreferencesJavaInstalled JREs).

Start in Eclipse

  1. Press RunRun…
  2. Create a new “Java Application” launch configuration
  3. Select “basex” as “Project”
  4. Choose a “Main class” (e.g., org.basex.BaseXGUI for the graphical user interface)
  5. Launch the project via Run


You may as well use the standalone version of Maven to compile and run the project, use other IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA.

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