BaseX server can be configured to run as an always-on service in Windows (or daemon in Linux) using YAJSW.

Some basics of YAJSW

  • Each service running with YAJSW has a configuration file which lives in the conf folder.
  • Installing and controlling services is done from the command line. Run a command prompt as administrator, then navigate to the folder where you placed YAJSW, e.g. cd C:\Programs\yajsw\yajsw-beta-12.05
  • If you need to change configuration of a service follow this sequence:
    1. Stop the service: java -jar wrapper.jar --stop conf\wrapper.name.conf
    2. Remove the service: java -jar wrapper.jar --remove conf\wrapper.name.conf
    3. Make your changes to the wrapper or application configuration.
    4. Install the service: java -jar wrapper.jar --install conf\wrapper.name.conf
    5. Start the service: java -jar wrapper.jar --start conf\wrapper.name.conf

YAJSW comes with some helpful convenience scripts in the bat and bin folders. This set of instructions does not use these convenience scripts.

Gather the files

  • Get the latest version of BaseX. Select the ZIP Archive.
  • Get the latest version of YAJSW.
  • Get the latest version of Java.

Install BaseX as Windows Service

The instructions on this page are known to work using Windows Server 2012R2, BaseX 8.4.2, YAJSW 12.05 beta, Java 1.8.0_77 64-bit from Oracle.

Install Java

Install Java using the Java installer for your operating system.

Put files into position

These instructions assume you will be placing BaseX and YAJSW in C:\Programs, but you can choose a different location.

  1. Create folder C:\Programs
  2. Extract YAJSW to C:\Programs\yajsw\yajsw-beta-12.05
  3. Extract BaseX to C:\Programs\BaseX\basex

See Database Server for information on how to pick an initial admin password.

Install BaseX as Service

Create wrapper config file wrapper.basex.conf and place it in the YAJSW conf folder. You can use the example below. You may need to modify this example to:

  • Specify the location of java.exe
  • Change the amount of memory available to BaseX from 1g (for example, 512m or 2g)
# YAJSW configuration for BaseX




wrapper.java.classpath.1 = .\\BaseX.jar
wrapper.java.classpath.2 = .\\lib\\*.jar
wrapper.java.classpath.3 = .\\lib\\custom\\*.jar

wrapper.java.additional.1 = -Xmx1024m
wrapper.java.additional.2 = -Dfile.encoding=utf-8

wrapper.ntservice.description=BaseX XQuery database



After you have created the wrapper configuration file:

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator
  2. Navigate to the YAJSW folder: cd C:\Programs\yajsw\yajsw-beta-12.05
  3. Install the service: java -jar wrapper.jar --install conf\wrapper.basex.conf
  4. Start the service: java -jar wrapper.jar --start conf\wrapper.basex.conf

BaseX server is now running as a service, and will start automatically when Windows starts.

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