This page lists the official locations of major and minor BaseX versions:

Official Releases

Our releases, packaged for various platforms, are linked from our homepage. They are updated every 2-8 weeks:

Our file server contains links to older releases as well (but we recommend everyone to stay up-to-date, as you’ll get faster feedback working with the latest version):

Stable Snapshots

If you are a developer, we recommend you to regularly download one of our stable snapshots, which are packaged and uploaded several times a week:

Note that the offered snapshot files are replaced as soon as newer versions are available.

Code Base

If you always want to be on the cutting edge, you are invited to watch and clone our GitHub repository:

We do our best to keep our main repository stable as well.

Maven Artifacts

The official releases and the current snapshots of both our core and our API packages are also deployed as Maven artifacts on our file server at regular intervals:


BaseX can also be found in some Linux distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu and archlinux:

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