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The following features have been added, updated, or removed in BaseX 11:

Graphical User Interface

  • Added: All text panels provide full Unicode character support
  • Added: Font Dialog: Option for faster anti-aliasing.

Web Application

  • Updated: BaseX is now based on version 11 of the Jetty Web Server.

Command-Line Options

  • Added: -C to execute command script files (standalone, server, client, HTTP server).
  • Added: -Q to execute query files (standalone, client).
  • Added: -W to enable whitespace indentation (standalone, client).
  • Updated: The Clark notation was replaced with the Expanded QNames notation.


  • Added: WRITESTORE to write the standard store to disk at shutdown time.
  • Removed: TEXTPARSER
  • Updated: BINDINGS: The Clark notation was replaced with the Expanded QNames notation.

XQuery 4.0

  • Added: First release with support for various new XQuery 4.0 features.

Invisible XML

  • Added: Full support for Invisible XML, utilizing Gunther Rademacher’s Markup Blitz implementation.


  • Removed: Hashing Module, in favor of the new fn:hash function.

Archive Functions

  • Added: archive:refresh: New function for updating existing archives.
  • Updated: Input archives can be addressed via file paths and URIs.
  • Updated: Archive entries can be deleted by specifying empty arrays as contents.

Array Functions

  • Added: array:build, array:empty, array:foot, array:index-of, array:index-where, array:slice, array:split, array:trunk
  • Updated: array:fold-left, array:fold-right, array:for-each, array:for-each-pair, array:sort

Client Functions

CSV Functions

  • Added: Options: skip-empty option.
  • Removed: Options: allow option.

File Functions

  • Added: file:list-roots

Higher-Order Functions

HTTP Client Functions

  • Updated: http:send-request: csv, json and html attributes added.

Inspection Functions

JSON Functions

  • Added: New number-parser, fallback, duplicates and null options (derived from fn:parse-json).

Map Functions

  • Added: map:build, map:empty, map:entries, map:filter, map:keys-where.
  • Updated: Shorter map syntax { 'key': 'value' }

Math Functions

  • Updated: math:e, math:sinh, math:cosh and math:tanh are now part of the standard.
  • Removed: math:crc32 in favor of fn:hash.

Process Functions

  • Added: proc:property-map

Profiling Functions

Session Functions

  • Added: session:client-id.

SQL Functions

  • Updated: sql:connect: Credentials have become optional.

Standard Functions

  • Added: fn:all-different, fn:all-equal, fn:atomic-equal, fn:char, fn:collation-key, fn:contains-subsequence, fn:decode-from-uri, fn:distinct-ordered-nodes, fn:do-until, fn:duplicate-values, fn:ends-with-subsequence, fn:every, fn:expanded-QName, fn:foot, fn:function-annotations, fn:hash, fn:highest, fn:identity, fn:in-scope-namespaces, fn:index-where, fn:intersperse, fn:items-at, fn:lowest, fn:message, fn:op, fn:parse-QName, fn:parse-integer, fn:partition, fn:replicate, fn:seconds, fn:slice, fn:some, fn:sort-with, fn:starts-with-subsequence, fn:subsequence-where, fn:take-while, fn:transitive-closure, fn:trunk, fn:void, fn:while-do
  • Updated: fn:compare, fn:deep-equal, fn:filter, fn:fold-left, fn:fold-right, fn:for-each, fn:for-each-pair, fn:format-integer, fn:format-number, fn:remove, fn:replace, fn:sort, fn:string-join, fn:tokenize
  • Updated: Positional argument added to the function parameters.

Store Functions

  • Added: New WRITESTORE option.
  • Updated: Values are compactified before being stored.

String Functions

Utility Functions

  • Removed: util:array-members, util:array-values, util:chars, util:duplicates, util:init, util:intersperse, util:item, util:last, util:map-entries, util:map-values, util:replicate in favor of new Standard Functions.

Validation Functions

  • Added: validate:xsd-init to discard cached XSD schemas.
  • Updated: validate:xsd, validate:xsd-info, validate:xsd-report: caching feature added

XQuery Functions

  • Updated: xquery:fork-join: Options added.
  • Updated: The Clark notation was replaced with the Expanded QNames notation.

XSLT Functions

  • Added: xslt:init to discard cached XSLT transformers.


  • Added: Support for multiple target nodes in a single rename/replace/insert expression.

XQuery Extensions

  • Updated: Renamed from non-deterministic to nondeterministic.
  • Removed: Elvis operator ?:, in favor of the new otherwise expression.
  • Removed: Ternary if A ?? B !! C: in favor of the new deep lookup operator.


  • Added: Serialization parameter indent-attributes.


  • Updated: Forwards: The body POST and PUT bodies are now available in forwarded endpoints.
  • Updated: Forwards: A log entry with the status code 204 will be output.


  • Updated: Request: The extensions .xq and .bxs are successively attached to the supplied filename.
  • Updated: Assigning Variables: Support for multiple values.


  • Removed: Text Parser.

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