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BaseX provides an implementation of the W3 XPath and XQuery languages that is tightly coupled to the underlying database store. The query processor is also a flexible general-purpose processor that can access and process local and remote sources and output results in a variety of formats. BaseX is highly conformant to the official specifications. This section contains information about the query processor and its extensions:

XQuery Language

  • XQuery 4.0: New syntax, operators and functions.
  • XQuery 3.1: Maps, arrays, lookup operator, arrow operator.
  • XQuery 3.0: Enhanced FLWOR expressions, function items, try/catch.
  • Functions: Standard and custom function modules.

Advanced Features

  • Full-Text: Use BaseX as a full-fledged full-text processor.
  • Updates: Modify databases and local resources via XQuery Update.
  • Indexes: Build and utilize index structures.

Custom Features

Serialization & Errors

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