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BaseX, Graphical User Interface

BaseX is a lightweight, high-performance and scalable XML Database and an XQuery 4.0 Processor with full support for the W3C Update and Full-Text extensions. It allows you to store, query and process large corpora of textual (XML, HTML, JSON, CSV, others) and binary resources. The GUI provides an IDE for writing complex applications, as well as various visualizations for interactively exploring your data. RESTXQ enables the development of web applications in XQuery. BaseX is platform-independent and BSD-licensed (see Wikipedia for more information).


This is the documentation for the next BaseX 12 release.


  • If you have questions or want to get in touch with the developers and users, please post to our mailing lists.
  • Many questions are being discussed on StackOverflow.
  • Confirmed bugs and feature requests are discussed on GitHub.

Table of Contents

First Steps

The Getting Started section gives you a quick introduction to BaseX. We suggest that you start with the Graphical User Interface as this is the easiest way to access your XML data and get an idea of how XQuery and BaseX work.

XQuery Language

Visit the XQuery section for more information on the programming language, and for evaluating queries with BaseX.


The Developer Section provides useful information for developers. Here you can find information about our supported client APIs and HTTP services, and we present different ways to integrate BaseX into your project.

Advanced Users

Information for expert users can be found in our Advanced User Guide. It contains details about BaseX storage, the client/server architecture and some more advanced features.

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