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Developer Section

This page provides useful information for developers. Here you can find information on various alternatives to integrate BaseX into your own project.

Integrate & Contribute

  • Eclipse: Compile and run BaseX from within Eclipse
  • Git: Learn how to work with Git
  • Maven: Embed BaseX into your own projects
  • Releases: Official releases, snapshots, old versions
  • Translations: Contribute a new translation to BaseX!

Web Technology

  • RESTXQ: Write web services with XQuery
  • REST: Access and update databases via HTTP requests
  • WebDAV: Access databases from your file system


  • Clients: Communicate with BaseX using C#, PHP, Python, Perl, C, …
  • Java Examples: Code examples for developing with BaseX
  • XQJ API: Closed source, implemented by Charles Foster (restricted to XQuery 3.0)
  • XQuery for Scala API, based on XQJ and written by Dino Fancellu


  • Service/daemon: Install BaseX server as a service
  • Android: Running BaseX with Android
  • macOS: How to build a standalone macOS application

Code, Questions, Bugs

  • The Source Code is available on GitHub.
  • For questions, bug reports and feature requests, please write to our mailing list
  • The Issue Tracker contains confirmed bugs and feature requests.

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