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This article is part of the Advanced User's Guide. It gives some more insight into the configuration of BaseX.


[edit] Configuration Files

BaseX maintains some configuration files, which are stored in the project’s Home Directory:

Note that:

[edit] Home Directory

As BaseX is distributed in different flavors, and may be started from different locations, it dynamically determines its home directory:

If BaseX is used in an embedded environment (such as a servlet in a Web Application), it may not immediately be clear what directory was chosen. You can run the XQuery expression Q{org.basex.util.Prop}HOMEDIR() to find out.

[edit] Database Directory

Databases consists of several binary files. These are located in a directory named by the name of the database. The database root directory is named data.

The database path can be changed as follows:

Note: Existing databases will not automatically be moved to the new destination.

[edit] Log Files

Log files are stored in text format in a .logs sub-directory of the database folder (see Logging for more information).

[edit] Changelog

Version 9.0
Version 8.0
Version 7.7
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