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[edit] Welcome to the documentation of BaseX!

BaseX is both a light-weight, high-performance and scalable XML Database and an XQuery 3.1 Processor with full support for the W3C Update and Full Text extensions. It focuses on storing, querying, and visualizing large XML and JSON documents and collections. A visual frontend allows users to interactively explore data and evaluate XQuery expressions in realtime. BaseX is platform-independent and distributed under the free BSD License (find more in Wikipedia).

This documentation is based on BaseX 8.6. New and updated features are highlighted and can also be searched for.

We invite you to contribute to our Wiki! If you have questions and if you are looking for a direct contact to the developer team and users, write to our basex-talk mailing list.

[edit] Getting Started

The getting started section gives you a quick introduction to BaseX. We suggest you to start with the Graphical User Interface as this is the easiest way to access your XML data, and to get an idea of how XQuery and BaseX works.

[edit] XQuery Portal

More information on using the wide range of XQuery functions and performing XPath and XQuery requests with BaseX can be found in our XQuery Portal.


[edit] Developer Section

The developer section provides useful information for developers. Here you can find information on our supported client APIs and HTTP services, and we present different ways how you can integrate BaseX into your own project.

[edit] Advanced User's Guide

Information for advanced users can be found in our advanced user's guide, which contains details on the BaseX storage, the Client/Server architecture, and some querying features.

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