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This page is one of the Main Sections of the documentation. It provides useful information for developers. Here you can find information on various alternatives to integrate BaseX into your own project.

[edit] Integrate & Contribute

  • Eclipse: Compile and run BaseX from within Eclipse
  • Git: Learn how to work with Git
  • Maven: Embed BaseX into your own projects
  • Releases: Official releases, snapshots, old versions
  • Translations: Contribute a new translation to BaseX
  • Contribute: Collection of small projects to contribute to the BaseX Project

[edit] JavaDoc

The project's JavaDoc can be explored online.


[edit] Web Application

  • RESTXQ: Write web services with XQuery
  • REST: Access and update databases via HTTP requests
  • WebDAV: Access databases from your filesystem
  • XForms: Build browser forms with XML technologies

[edit] APIs

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