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This article is part of the Advanced User's Guide. It gives some more insight into the configuration of BaseX.


Configuration Files

BaseX maintains some configuration files, which are stored in the project’s Home Directory:

Note that:

Home Directory

As BaseX is distributed in different flavors, and may be started from different locations, it dynamically determines its home directory:

If BaseX is used in an embedded environment (such as a servlet in a Web Application), it may not immediately be clear what directory was chosen. You can run the XQuery expression Q{org.basex.util.Prop}HOMEDIR() to find out.

Database Directory

Databases consists of several binary files. These are located in a directory named by the name of the database. The database root directory is named data.

The database path can be changed as follows:

Note: Existing databases will not automatically be moved to the new destination.

Log Files

Log files are stored in text format in a .logs sub-directory of the database folder (see Logging for more information).


Version 9.0
Version 8.0
Version 7.7
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