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The query This is the {{Code|xqdoc:parse('sample.xqxqm')}} will convert the following example library module...:
<pre class="brush:xquery">
When [[#inspect:module|inspect:module]] is run, the following output will be generated: <pre class="brush:xml"><module prefix="samples" uri=""> <variable name="samples:test-string" uri="" type="xs:string"> <comment> <description>This is a sample string.</description> </comment> </variable> <function name="samples:same" uri=""> <parameter name="number" type="xs:integer">number to return</parameter> <annotation name="private" uri=""/> <description>This function simply returns the specified integer.</description> <return>specified number</return> <return type="xs:integer">specified number</return> </function></module></pre> When [[#inspect:xqdoc|inspect:xqdoc]] is run, the following outputlooks as follows:
<pre class="brush:xml">
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