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[ xqDoc] provides a simple vendor neutral solution for generating a documentation from XQuery modules. The documentation conventions have been inspired from Java’s by the JavaDoc standard. Documentation comments begin with {{Code|(:~}} and end with {{Code|:)}}, and tags start with {{Code|@}}.xqDoc comments can be specified for main and library modules, variable declarations and function declarations, as shown in the following example: <pre class="brush:xquery">(:~ : This module provides some sample functions. : : @author John Clash : @version 1.0 :)module namespace samples = ''; (:~ This is a sample number. :)declare variable $samples:number := 1; (:~ : This function simply returns the specified number. : @param $number number to return : @return specified number :)declare function samples:same($number as xs:integer) as xs:integer { $number}; </pre>
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