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and [ XPath 3.0] Recommendations
that have already been implemented in BaseX.
==General FLWOR Expressions==
{{Mark|Introduced with Version 7.7:}}
Most clauses of FLWOR expressions can now be specified in an arbitrary order: additional {{Code|let}} and {{Code|for}} clauses can be put after a {{Code|where}} clause, and multiple {{Code|where}}, {{Code|order by}} and {{Code|group by}} statements can be used. This means that many nested loops can now be reformulated as a single FLWOR expression.
<pre class="brush:xquery">
for $country in db:open('factbook')//country
where $country/@population > 100000000
let $name := $country/name[1]
for $city in $country//city[population > 1000000]
group by $name
return <country name='{ $name }'>{ $city/name }</country>
==Simple Map Operator==
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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