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* Values can be changed with the [[Commands#SET|SET]] command and requested with the [[Commands#GET|GET]] command. All values are ''statically bound'' to a database session; they stay valid until they are changed once again by another operation. If an option is of type boolean, and if no value is specified, its existing value will be inverted.
* {{Version|7.4}}: Initial values for options can now be specified via system properties, which can e.g. be passed on with the [ -D flag] on command line, or using [, java%20java.lang.String) System.setProperty()] before creating a BaseX instance.The specified keys needs to be prefixed with {{Code|org.basex.}}. An example: <pre class="brush:bash">java -Dorg.basex.CHOP=false -cp basex.jar org.basex.BaseX -c"get chop"CHOP: false</pre>
* Options can also be set in the prolog of XQuery expressions. In the option declaration, keys need to be prefixed with {{Code|db:}}. All values will be reset after the evaluation of a query:
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