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First of all, please launch a GUI instance of BaseX. Depending on your operating system, double click on the '''BaseX GUI''' start icon or run the <code>basexgui</code> script. Beside that, some more [[Startup#BaseX GUI|startup options]] are available.
== Create Database ==
Select ''Database'' → ''New'' and browse to an XML document of your choice. As an example, you can start with the {{Code|factbook.xml}} document, which contains statistical information on the worlds' countries. It is included in our official releases and can also be [ downloaded] (1.3 MB). If you type nothing in the input field, an empty database will be created. Next, choose the ''OK'' button, and BaseX will create a database that you can visually explore and query.
NextIf no XML document is available, choose the ''OK'' button[[#Text Editor|Text Editor]] can also be used to create an initial XML document. After saving the entered XML document to harddisk, and BaseX will create a database that you it can visually explorebe specified in the above dialog.
==Realtime Options==
== Querying ==
=== Keyword Search ===
The Keyword Search can be executed in the '''Search''' mode in
=== XPath/XQuery ===
Apart from the basic search facilities, BaseX offers far more sophisticated processing options to query your documents. Below are some examples you might give a try. This guide is far from being a comprehensive XQuery reference, but might point you in the right direction.
<pre class="brush:xquery">//country[name = "Switzerland"]//city</pre>
=== Text Editor ===
The text editor can be used to type in [[XQuery]] expressions, [[Commands#Basics|Command Scripts]], XML documents, or any other text files. Query files and XML documents can be started by clicking on the green triangle. They will automatically parsed with each key click, and errors will be highlighted. Various [[Shortcuts|keyboard shortcuts]] are available to speed up editing and debugging.
== Visualizations ==
The BaseX GUI offers various visualizations,
== What's What’s Next? ==
Various tutorials on XPath are available in the internet. We invite you to e.g. have a look at the [ XQuery Tutorial at W3Schools].
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