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The following scripts, which are mentioned on the Each BaseX [[Startup]] and mode can be launched with its own Start Script which can in turn be used with its own range of [[Startup Command-Line Options]] pages, are also included in our official '''Windows''' and '''ZIP''' release files, and available in our . The BaseX [https://githubbasex.comorg/BaseXdbdownload/basex/tree/master/etc GitHub repositoryWindows and ZIP distributions]:readily include all Start Scripts.
* The installers automatically We recommend you to manually add the project’s {{Code|bin}} directory of your BaseX directory to the [ PATH variable] of your path environment.* OtherwiseYou can copy the start scripts to another location in your file system. After that, you can manually add should edit the scripts and assign the BaseX directory to the {{Code|MAIN}} variable.* The Windows installer automatically adds the project’s {{Code|bin}} directory to your <code>PATH<path environment.* If you work with [[Maven]], you can directly run the scripts in the [ basex-core/etc] and [https://code> environment variablegithub.<brcom/><brBaseXdb/>basex/tree/master/basex-api/etc basex-api/etc] sub-directories of the project.
=If BaseX Main Package=terminates with an {{Code|Out of Memory}} or {{Code|Java heap space}} error, you can assign more RAM via the {{Code|-Xmx}} flag (see below). The conservative value that was chosen in our distributions ensures that BaseX will also run on 32 bit JVMs.
The following scripts launch the standalone version of BaseX. Please replace the class name in <code>org.basex.BaseX</code> with either <code>BaseXClient</code>, <code>BaseXServer</code>, or <code>BaseXGUI</code> to run the client, server or GUI version.=Standalone=
==WindowsThe following scripts launch the standalone version of BaseX: basex.bat==
==Windows: {{Code|basex.bat}}== <pre classsyntaxhighlight lang="brush:bashbatch">@setlocal
@echo off
setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
REM Path to this scriptcore and library classesset PWDMAIN=%~dp0 REM Paths to distributed JAR archives or class files/..set BASEXCP=basex%MAIN%/BaseX.jar;%MAIN%/lib/*;%MAIN%/lib/custom/*
REM Options for virtual machine
set VMBASEX_JVM=-Xmx512mXmx1200m %BASEX_JVM%
REM ClasspathRun codeset LIB=java -cp "%PWD%/../libset CP=%BASEX" %;BASEX_JVM%LIB%/lucene-analyzers-3org.0basex.2.jar;%LIB%/tagsoup-1.2.jar;%LIBBaseX %*</snowball.jarsyntaxhighlight>
REM Run BaseXjava -cp "%CP%" %VM% org.==Linux/Mac: {{Code|basex.BaseX %*</pre>}}==
==Linux/Mac: basex== <pre classsyntaxhighlight lang="brush:bash">#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Path to this script
cd -P "$(dirname "$SRC")" && pwd )/$(basename "$SRC")"
BXMAIN="$( cd -P "$(dirname "$FILE")/.." && pwd )"
# Core and library classes
CP="$BXMAIN/BaseX.jar"CP=":$CPMAIN/lib/*:$(for JAR in "$BX"MAIN/lib/custom/*.jar; do echo -n ":$JAR"; done)"CLASSPATH
# Options for virtual machine(can be extended by global options)VMBASEX_JVM="-Xmx512mXmx2g $BASEX_JVM"
general_args=( )vm_args=( )while (( $# )) ; doRun code if [[ $1 = "java -Xcp " ]] ; then vm_args+=( $CP"$2" ) shift 2 else general_args+=( BASEX_JVM org.basex.BaseX "$1@" ) shift fidone</syntaxhighlight>
# Run codejava -cp "$CP" $VM "${vm_args[@]}" org.basex.BaseX "${general_args[@]}"</pre>=GUI, Server, Client=
=If you would like to launch the GUI, Server or Client version of BaseX HTTP Server=, please replace the class name in <code>org.basex.BaseX</code> with either <code>BaseXGUI</code>, <code>BaseXServer</code> or <code>BaseXClient</code>.
The scripts for starting the =HTTP server, which gives access to the [[REST]], [[RESTXQ]] and [[WebDAV]] services, can be found below.Server=
In {{Mark|Version 7.2}}The scripts for starting the HTTP server, which gives access to the {{Code|BaseXHTTP}} start class has been moved from the {{Code|org.basex.api}} package to {{Code|org.basex}}.[[REST]], [[RESTXQ]] and [[WebDAV]] services, can be found below:
==Windows: {{Code|basexhttp.bat}}==
<pre classsyntaxhighlight lang="brush:bashbatch">
@echo off
setlocal REM Path to this scriptset PWD=%~dp0 REM Paths to distributed JAR archives or class filesset BASEX=%PWD%/basex.jar set BASEXAPI=%PWD%/basex-api.jarsetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
REM ClasspathPath to core and library classesset LIBMAIN=%PWD%~dp0/../libset CP=%BASEX%;%BASEXAPI%;%LIBMAIN%/commons-beanutils-1.8.2BaseX.jar;%LIBMAIN%/commons-codec-1.4.jar;%LIB%lib/commons-fileupload-1.2.2.jar*;%LIBMAIN%/commons-io-1.4.jar;%LIB%/commons-logging-1.1.1.jar;%LIB%/jdom-1.1.jar;%LIB%/jetty-6.1.26.jar;%LIB%/jetty-util-6.1.26.jar;%LIB%lib/log4j-1.2.14.jar;%LIB%custom/lucene-analyzers-3.0.2.jar;%LIB%/milton-api-1.6.4.jar;%LIB%/mime-util-2.1.3.jar;%LIB%/resolver.jar;%LIB%/servlet-api-2.5-20081211.jar;%LIB%/slf4j-api-1.5.8.jar;%LIB%/slf4j-log4j12-1.5.6.jar;%LIB%/snowball.jar;%LIB%/tagsoup-1.2.jar;%LIB%/xmldb-api-1.0.jar;%LIB%/xqj-api-1.0.jar*
REM Options for virtual machine
set VMBASEX_JVM=-Xmx512mXmx1200m %BASEX_JVM%
REM Run code
java -cp "%CP%;." %VMBASEX_JVM% org.basex.api.BaseXHTTP %*</presyntaxhighlight>
==Linux/Mac: {{Code|basexhttp}}==
<pre classsyntaxhighlight lang="brush:bash">#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Path to this script
cd -P "$(dirname "$SRC")" && pwd )/$(basename "$SRC")"
BXMAIN="$( cd -P "$(dirname "$FILE")/.." && pwd )"
# API, core, and library classes
CP="$BXMAIN/BaseX.jar$(printf ":%s" "$BXMAIN/lib/BaseX.jar" "*:$BXMAIN/lib/"custom/*.jar:$CLASSPATH # Options for virtual machine (can be extended by global options)BASEX_JVM="-Xmx2g $BASEX_JVM"
# Options for virtual machineRun codeVM=java -Xmx512mcp "$CP" $BASEX_JVM org.basex.BaseXHTTP "$@"</syntaxhighlight>
general_args=( )Included Start Scripts= The BaseX [ Windows and ZIP distributions] readily include the following Start Scripts: {| class="wikitable"|- valign="top"vm_args! Windows! Linux/Mac! Description|- valign=( )"top"| {{Code|basex.bat}}| {{Code|basex}}while (( $# )) ; do| Launches the BaseX standalone mode. if [[ $1 |- valign= "top"| {{Code|basexclient.bat}}| {{Code|basexclient}}| Starts a BaseX client.|-Xvalign="top" ]] ; then vm_args+| {{Code|basexgui.bat}}| {{Code|basexgui}}| Starts the BaseX GUI.|- valign=( "$2top" ) shift 2| {{Code|basexhttp.bat}} else| {{Code|basexhttp}} general_args+| Starts the BaseX HTTP Server.|- valign=( "$1top" ) shift| {{Code|basexserver.bat}}| {{Code|basexserver}}| Starts the BaseX database server.|} fidoneFor the BaseX HTTP and database server, there are also stop scripts available:
# Run code{| class="wikitable"java |-cp valign="top"! Windows! Linux/Mac! width="$CP40%" $VM | Description|- valign="$top"|- valign="top"| {vm_args[@]{Code|basexhttpstop.bat}}| {{Code|basexhttpstop}}| Stops the BaseX HTTP Server.|- valign=" orgtop"| {{Code|basexserverstop.basex.BaseXHTTP "$bat}}| {{general_args[@]Code|basexserverstop}"}| Stops the BaseX database server.</pre>|}
;Version 7.5
* Updated: Static dependencies removed from Windows batch scripts.
;Version 7.2
* Updated: The {{Code|BaseXHTTP}} start class will be moved from {{Code|org.basex.api}} to {{Code|org.basex}}.
;Version 7.0
* Updated: The {{Code|basexjaxrx}} scripts have been replaced with the {{Code|basexhttp}} scripts.
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