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| '''Summary'''
|Specifies the maximum time a read-only transaction may take. If an operation takes longer than the specified timeout, it will be aborted.<br/>Write operations will not be affected by this timeout, as this would corrupt the integrity of the database.<br/>The timeout is deactivated if the timeout is set to {{mono|0}}. Since {{Version|7.2}}, it is ignored for {{MonoCode|ADMIN}} operations.
| '''Examples'''
|<code>$a=1,$b=2</code> &nbsp; binds the values {{mono|1}} and {{mono|2}} to the variables $a and $b<br/><code>a=1,,2</code> &nbsp; binds the value {{mono|1,2}} to the variable $a<br/><code>{URI}a=x</code> or <code>'URI':a=x</code> &nbsp; binds the value {{MonoCode|x}} to the variable $a with the namespace {{MonoCode|URI}}.
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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