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which you can enter in the console mode, in the Command
text field in the GUI, or send to the BaseX server:
==Database Commands==
==Database Commands== ===Create=== ; <code>'''CREATE [DB|FS|INDEX|USER] [...]</code>; <tt>CREATE [DB|FS|INDEX|USER] [...]</tt>'''
Creates a new database, index or user:
;<code>* '''DB [name] ([input])</code>: ''':creates the database <code>'''[name]</code> ''' with an optional <code>'''[input]</code> '''
;* '''<code>INDEX [TEXT|ATTRIBUTE|FULLTEXT|PATH]</code>: '''
:creates the specified index
;* <code>FS [name] [path] ([mountpoint] [backingstore])</code>:
:creates filesystem database <code>[name]</code> for <code>[path]</code> (using <code>[mountpoint]</code> and <code>[backingstore]</code> if FUSE is activated)
;<code>* '''USER [name] ([password])</code>: '''
:creates the specified user
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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