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; '''[[XQuery 3.0]]'''<br/>
Supported features of the upcoming [ XQuery 3.0] Recommendation.
; '''[[Full-Text]]'''<br/>
XPath/XQuery Full Text extends the language with powerful retrieval features.
; '''[[Updates]]'''<br/>
Databases can be modified via the XQuery Update extension.
; '''[[Java Bindings]]'''<br/>
How to access and call Java code from XQuery.
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; '''[[XQuery Errors|Errors]]'''<br/>
Errors raised by XQuery expressions.
; '''[[Serialization]]'''<br/>
Serialization parameters supported by BaseX.
; '''[[XQuery Modules|Modules]]'''<br/>
Additional functions provided by BaseX.
; '''[[Packaging]]'''<br/>
Embedding of external function modules, based on the [ EXPath Packaging System].
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