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=Getting started=
<!-- [CG] I guess we need another general page on the HTTP Server and the Servlet that summarizes all this information... -->First of all, launch the BaseX as [[Startup#BaseX HTTP Server|BaseX HTTP ServerWeb Application]]. By default, which will itself start an instance of the [ Jetty WebServer], which listens to the is used as web server. All HTTP services will be available on port <code>8984</code> by default (check out , and the additional [[Startup Options#BaseX HTTP ServerRESTXQ service is accessible at {{Mono|command-line options]])http://localhost:8984/restxq/}}.
By default, the RESTXQ service is available via {{Mono|http://localhost:8984/restxq/}}. If the server is started as Servlet, the {{Mono|.basex}} configuration file will be stored in the root of the web directory (usually {{Mono|src/main/webapp/}}). The .basex file contains all [[Options#Main Options|Main Options]], (such as the path to the database, the HTTP directory and the [[Packaging|Package Repository]]. The initial configuration options ) can be adjusted configured in the {{Mono|src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/web.xml}} file. If run as a standalone application, the settings are stored in the file {{Mono|.basex}}.
=Module Declarations=
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