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Welcome to the Query Portal, which is one of the [[Main Page|Main Sections]] of this documentation. This page summarizes information on the XPath/XQuery languages, and the non-standard extensions available in BaseX.
* [[XQuery 3.0]]: supported features of the upcoming [ XQuery 3.0] and [ XPath 2.0] Recommendations
* [[PackagingFull-Text]]: Based on the [http:XPath// EXPath Packaging System]* [[XQuery Full-Text]]: full-text extends the language with powerful retrieval features of XQuery.* [[Updates]]: update mechanism of Databases can be modified via the XQueryUpdate extension* [[Java Bindings]]: described how to call Java code can be accessed and called from XQuery* [[Packaging]]: allows to embed external function modules, based on the [ EXPath Packaging System]
* [[XQuery Errors|Errors]]: errors raised by XQuery expressions
* [[Serialization]]: supported serialization parameterssupported by BaseX
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