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* by setting the [[Options#SERIALIZER|SERIALIZER]] option before running a query,
* by setting the [[Options#EXPORTER|EXPORTER]] option before exporting a database, or
* by setting them via the <code>"output"</code> parameter of the [[JAX-RX_API#Query_Parameters|JAX-RX API]] (deprecated from <font color='orangered'>{{Version |7.0</font>}}).* by setting them as [[REST#Query_Parameters|REST]] query parameters (introduced with <font color='orangered'>{{Version |7.0</font>}}).
| Specifies the serialization method:
* <code>xml</code>, <code>xhtml</code>, <code>html</code>, and <code>text</code> are taken from the official specification.
* <code>json</code> and <code>jsonml</code> are specific to BaseX and can be used to output XML nodes in the JSON format (see [[JSON Functions]] for more details). Added with <font color='orangered'>{{Version |7.0</font>}}* <code>raw</code> is BaseX-specific as well. Binary data is output as raw data, all other items are returned in their string representation, and no indentation and entity coding takes place. Added with <font color='orangered'>{{Version |7.0</font>}}
| <code>xml</code>, <code>xhtml</code>, <code>html</code>, <code>text</code>, <code>json</code>, <code>jsonml</code>, <code>raw</code>
| <code>xml</code>
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