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<h2>== Introduction</h2> == <p> <b>'''Note</b>''': Most bindings are optimized for the latest releases of BaseX,
which you find in our [ Maven repository].
</p> <p>
BaseX provides bindings in several programming languages. With these bindings, you will be able
to create a client in different programming languages and connect to a running BaseX server instance.
Using the client, you can execute all database commands and queries on the server and receive the
corresponding results.</p> <p>Please see following links for more information:</p>
<ul> Please see following links for more information: <li>* [[Languages]]: List of offered programming languages.</li> <li>* [[Standard Mode]]: Description of the usage of the standard mode.</li> <li>* [[Query Mode]]: Description of the usage of the query mode.</li> </ul>[[Category:Wikify]]
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