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Fixed WebDAV URL pattern
The WebDAV implementation of BaseX is provided by a module (servlet) which runs in the BaseX HTTP server. Please, check the [[Startup#BaseX HTTP Server|Startup: BaseX HTTP Server]] page for details on how to start the BaseX HTTP Server. The BaseX WebDAV Server can use either the local databases or connect to a remote BaseX Server. Please, check the [[Startup_Options#BaseX_HTTP_Server|startup options of the BaseX HTTP Server]].
==Accessing BaseX WebDAV==
The BaseX WebDAV Server can be accessed using either with a <code>http://&#47;&#47;<httphost>:<httpport>/webdav/</code> or <code>webdav://<httphost>:<httpport>/webdav/</code> URL, depending on the used WebDAV client. For example, <code>http://localhost:8984/webdav/</code>.
The BaseX WebDAV Server uses the database user credentials in order to perform authentication and authorisation. However, if database user and password are explicitly specified when starting the BaseX HTTP Server using the corresponding [[Startup_Options#BaseX_HTTP_Server|startup options]], then the WebDAV Server will not request user authentication from the client.
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