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: <pre>10:06:36.498 [] LOGIN admin OK&#10;10:06:53.297 [] XQUERY 1 to 10 OK 17.89 ms&#10;10:07:03.353 [] LOGIN testuser OK&#10;10:07:08.259 [] XQUERY 1 to z Error: Stopped at line 1, column 6: [XPDY0002] No context item set for 'z'. 9.69 ms&#10;10:07:15.505 [] LOGOUT admin OK&#10;10:07:19.790 [] LOGOUT testuser OK</pre>
: Now you can see the 'admin' user has the IP with the socketport 49990 and the 'testuser' has the IP with the socketport 49993. With this information you can identify each transaction of the corresponding user. The 'testuser' for example executed a query which was aborted by an syntax error.
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