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=DocumentationGetting Started Guide=
==Getting Started Guide== ===Quick Start===
*[[BaseX Database Server]]: Using BaseX in a client/server architecture
*[[BaseX GUI]]: Using the graphical user interface to work on local databases
*[[BaseX Standalone Console]] Working with the BaseX console on local databases
===Good to know===
*[[Database & Collections]]: Databases and collections in BaseX
*[[Interact]]: How to interact with BaseX
**[[Settings]]: Overview of all settable options
==Advanced Users Guide==
* [[Full Text]]: full text features of XQuery
* [[Update]]: update mechanism of XQuery
* [[Java Bindings]]: calling of Java methods from XQuery
* [[Database]]: Database-related functions
* [[Utility]]: Testing and profiling functions
* [[File]]: functions for file handling, inspired by EXPath
*[[Overview]]: All indexes and their functionality
==Developer's Guide==
*[[Subversion Repository]]: Checkout the projects
*[[Integrate]]: Integrate BaseX into your IDE
*[[REST Interface]]: Communicate with the BaseX server using the REST interface
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