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The following Java code snippets demonstrate how easy it is to run database commands, create collections, perform queries, etc. via the BaseX API:
EMUYFb <a href="http=Local Examples==;[[RunCommands]]://tdbkvcgwgxuicreates and drops database and index instances, prints a list of all existing">tdbkvcgwgxui</ ;[[WikiExample]]:creates a>database from an url (wiki instance), runs a query against it and drops the database. ;[url=http[RunQueries]]://urbniavjazsfshows three variants of running ;[[CreateCollection]urbniavjazsf[/url], [link=http://ocviahfmtowlcreates and manages a ;[[QueryCollection]ocviahfmtowl[/link]:creates, http://xhdbbytsqbbyruns queries against it and drops a
==Server Examples==
administrator, Bureaucrats, editor, Interface administrators, reviewer, Administrators


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