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This page is one of the #REDIRECT [[Main Page|main]] sections of the documentation.It includes information on the BaseX Server and the BaseX GUI for advanced users. ==Overall==*[[Configuration]]: Information on the BaseX configuration*[[XML Parsers]]: Information on the different XML parsers*[[Statistics]]: Exemplary statistics on databases created with BaseX ==BaseX Server==*[[User Management]]: Advanced User management in the client/server environment*[[Transaction Management]]: Insight into the BaseX transaction management*[[Logging]]: Description of the server logs ==BaseX GUI==*[[GUI Features|Features]]: Overview on the GUI features*[[GUI Views|Views]]: Description of the different visualizations*[[GUI Easy Search|Easy Search]]: Search without the knowledge of XQuery*[[GUI Options|Options]]: Description of the available options in the GUI*[[GUI Server Administration|Server Administration]]: GUI for basic administration of a remote or local server[[Category:Server]][[Category:GUI's Guide]]
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