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| '''Summary'''
|Schedules the evaluation of the supplied {{Code|$query}} (of type {{Code|xs:string}}, or of type {{Code|xs:anyURI}}, pointing to a resource), and returns a query id. The query will be queued, and the result will optionally be cached. Queries can be updating. Variables and the context value can be declared via {{Code|$bindings}} (see [[XQuery Module#xquery:eval|xquery:eval]] for more details). The following {{Code|$options}} can be supplied:
* {{Code|cache}}: indicates if the query result will be cached or ignored (default: <code>false</code>):
** The result will be cached in main-memory until it is fetched via [[#jobs:result|jobs:result]], or until {{Option|CACHETIMEOUT}} is exceeded.
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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