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Added information regarding pth.basex and idp.basex
For a more detailed discussion and examples of these file formats please see [[Index File Structure]].
==Document Path Index: {{Code|pth}}==
Provides an index of all the document paths in the database. For databases with a large number of paths this file can be quite large so it is only generated the first time a function requesting a path lookup is run. For databases where path lookups are never used this file will not exist.
'''Note:''' On Windows/Mac systems this file is case insensitive (all paths are lower case). On UNIX-like systems this file is case sensitive. The behaviour of path look ups will vary between systems. Copying this file between system types may lead to unexpected behaviour.
==ID/Pre Mapping: {{Code|idp}}==
This file is only created if incremental indexing (UPDINDEX) is enabled for a database. It is used to provide a quick look up of the pre value for a database node id.
==Full-Text Fuzzy Index: {{Code|ftxx}}, {{Code|ftxy}}, {{Code|ftxz}}==
...may soon be reimplemented.
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