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[[Image:Result.png|thumb|200px|Result View]]
'''Result''' (''View'' menu)
:Displays query results and other textual output (e.g. content of the currently open database). Query results can be saved in a file.
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[[Image:InfoView.png|thumb|200px|Info View]]
'''Info''' (''View'' menu)
:Helpful for analyzing the query plans of your XQuery expressions. It also displays information on the compilation and evaluation of queries.
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[[Image:Map.png|thumb|200px|Map View]]
:Displays all data in a [ TreeMap]. All nodes of the XML document are represented as rectangles, filling the complete area. You can choose different layout algorithms in the Menu ''Options'' → ''Map Layout''.
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[[Image:Tree.png|thumb|200px|Tree View]]
:Displays all XML nodes in a top down tree with edges and nodes. You can change some settings of the Tree in the Menu ''Options'' → ''Tree Options''.
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[[Image:Folder.png|thumb|200px|Folder View]]
:Displays all nodes in an Explorer-like folder view. Nodes can be expanded or closed by clicking on the arrows.
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[[Image:Scatterplot.png|thumb|200px|Scatterplot View]]
:Displays all nodes in a scatterplot, which is particularly helpful if you want to explore analyze your data. Three drop down menus allow custom axis assignments.
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[[Image:Table.png|thumb|200px|The Table View]]
:Comes in handy if your data is highly regular. It displays all nodes in a table with rows and columns. Different assignments can be chosen by clicking on the arrow in the right upper corner.
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[[Image:Explorer.png|thumb|200px|Explorer View]]
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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