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| '''Summary'''
|Puts a marker element around the resulting {{Code|$nodes}} of a full-text request.<br />The default name of the marker element is {{Code|mark}}. An alternative name can be chosen via the optional {{Code|$name}} argument.<br />Please note that:
* the The full-text expression that computes the token positions must be specified as argument of the <code>ft:mark()</code> function, as all position information is lost in subsequent processing steps. You may need to specify more than one full-text expression if you want to use the function in a FLWOR expression, as shown in Example 2.* the XML The supplied node to be transformed must be an internal “database node”a [[Database Module#Database Node|Database Node]]. The As shown in Example 3, {{Code|update}} or {{Code|transform}} expression can be used to apply the method utilized to convert a main-memory fragment, as shown in Example 3to the required internal representation.
| '''Examples'''
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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