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| '''Errors'''
|{{Error|parse|#Errors}} the specified input cannot be parsedas CSV document.|} ==csv:doc== {{Mark|Introduced with BaseX 9.4:}} {| width='100%'|-| width='120' | '''Signatures'''|{{Func|csv:doc|$uri as xs:string|item()?}}<br />{{Func|csv:doc|$uri as xs:string, $options as map(*)?|item()?}}<br />|-| '''Summary'''|Fetches the CSV document referred to by the given {{Code|$uri}} and converts it to an XQuery value. The {{Code|$options}} argument can be used to control the way the input is converted.|-| '''Errors'''|{{Error|parse|#Errors}} the specified input cannot be parsed as CSV document.<br/>{{Error|options|#Errors}} the specified options are conflicting.
;Version 9.4
* Added: [[#csv:doc|csv:doc]]
; Version 9.1
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