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| '''Summary'''
|Points to the directory in which all the [[Web Application]] contents are stored, including XQuery, Script, [[RESTXQ]] and configuration files. This :* The option is ignored if BaseX is deployed as [[Web Application#Servlet_Container|web servlet]].* It cannot be assigned via the {{Code|web.xml}} file.|} ===GZIP=== {| width='100%'|-| width='120' | '''Signature'''|{{Code|GZIP [boolean]}}|-| '''Default'''|<code>false</code>|-| '''Summary'''|Enables the [ GZIP handler] in Jetty, which will dynamically uncompress requests and compress responses.* The option cannot be assigned via the {{Code|web.xml}} file, as it will be parsed before the configuration files are parsed.* The option can also be changed on [[Command-Line Options#HTTP Server|command line]] via <code>-g</code>.
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