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Depending The graphical user interface can be started as follows: * Double click on your operating system, the {{Code|BaseX.jar}} file.* If you can launch a GUI instance of have installed BaseX by on ''Windows'', double-clicking click on the '''BaseX GUI''' start icon (.* Run one of the {{Code|[[Start_Scripts#Linux.2FMac:_basex|basexgui]]}} or {{Code|[[Start Scripts#Windows only) or running : basex.bat|basexgui.bat]]}} scripts.* Execute the <code>basexgui</code> scriptfollowing command: {{Code|java -cp BaseX.jar org.basex. Additional startup options are listed BaseXGUI}}* For [[Maven]] users: type in {{Code|mvn exec:java}} in the main directory of the {{Code|basex}} project. Some additional [[StartupCommand-Line_Options#Graphical User InterfaceStandalone|Startupcommand-line options]] articleare available=Introduction=
The BaseX GUI window is divided into various bars and panels.
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