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Jobs A job can additionally be registered as persistent services. An additional ''service'' by supplying the {{Code|service}} option has been added to the options list of {{Function|Jobs|jobs:eval}}:
<pre class="brush:xquery">
(: register job, which as service; will be run every day at 1 am :)
jobs:eval('db:drop("tmp")', (), map { 'id':'cleanup', 'start':'01:00:00', 'interval':'P1D', 'service': true() }),
'''Some more notes:'''
* All registered jobs job services will be scheduled for evaluation when the BaseX server or BaseX HTTP server is started.
* If a job service is outdated (e.g. because a supplied end time has been exceeded), it will be removed from the jobs file at startup time.
* Job services can be updated: If a new job is registered, and if there is already a job with the same id, the old entry will be replaced.
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