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| '''Summary'''
|Specifies how many stack frames of [ tail-calls] are allowed on the stack at any time. When this limit is reached, tail-call optimization takes place and some call frames are eliminated. The feature can be turned off by setting the value to {{Code|-1}}.
{| width='100%'
| width='120' | '''Signature'''
| '''Default'''
| '''Summary'''
|By default, paths specified in the [[Databases#XML Documents|fn:doc]] and [[Databases#XML Documents|fn:collection]] functions will also be resolved against existing databases. If {{Function|Database|db:open}} is used to access database documents, it is recommendable to disable this option:
* Access to local and external resources will be faster, as the database lookup is skipped.
* No locks will be created by the two functions (see [[Transaction Management#Limitations|limitations of database locking]] for more details).
;Version 9.3
* Added: {{Option|WITHDB}}
;Version 9.2
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