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* Click ''OK'' to exit the ''New Query Processor Instance'' dialog.
* In the ''Manage Query Processors'' dialog, now choose the "BaseX 9.1.1 [''Version] (BaseX)" entry and click ''OK''.* The ''Query Processor'' dropdown box in the ''Run/Debug Configurations'' dialog should now also display "BaseX 9.1.1 [''Version''] (BaseX)". If not, select it from the dropdown box.
* Click ''Apply'' and then ''OK'' to close the ''Run/Debug Configurations'' dialog.
* Choose the "XQuery" template you configured earlier.
* Enter a name, e.g. "BaseX", into the ''Name'' field.
* The query processor should be preset to "BaseX 9.1.1 [''Version''] (BaseX)".
* In the ''Script File'' field, enter the path to your query file.
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