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* Run one of the {{Code|[[Start_Scripts#Linux.2FMac:_basex|basexserver]]}} or {{Code|[[Start Scripts#Windows: basex.bat|basexserver.bat]]}} scripts. Add the {{Code|stop}} keyword to gracefully shut down the server.
* Execute the following command: {{Code|java -cp BaseX.jar org.basex.BaseXServer}}. Again, the {{Code|stop}} keyword will ensure a graceful shutdown.
* On ''Windows'': Double click on the '''BaseX HTTP Server(Start)''' icon, which will also start both the HTTP Server used for [[#Web Application|Web Applications]], or and the database server. With '''BaseX HTTP Server (stopStop)''' icon, you can shut down the server process.
Pressing {{Code|Ctrl+c}} will close all connections and databases and shut down the server process. More information on the database server's command-line options can be found [[Command-Line Options#Server|here]].
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