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==Querying Your Data==
===Create a New Project===
* To create a new project choose the ''Create new project'' option from the start screen or select ''New''→''Project...'' from the ''File'' menu.
* In the ''New Project'' dialog, choose ''Empty Project'' from the left-hand column and click the ''Next'' button.
* Enter a name and location for your project.
===Customize the XQuery Module===
* Click the ''Add Configuration'' button below the IntelliJ IDEA menu bar.
* The ''Query Processor'' dropdown box in the ''Run/Debug Configurations'' dialog should now also display "BaseX 9.1.1 (BaseX)". If not, select it from the dropdown box.
* Click ''Apply'' and then ''OK'' to close the ''Run/Debug Configurations'' dialog.
===Create a Query File===
* In the project view, create a new XQuery file, either by right-clicking on the project name and choosing ''New''→''File'' or by selecting ''New''→''File'' from the File menu. Enter a file name and click ''OK''.
* Type in your queryand save your file===Create a New Configuration===
* Click on the ''Add Configuration'' button once again.
* In the ''Run/Debug Configurations'' dialog, click the {{Code|+}} button to create a new configuration based on a template.
* Now, the configuration should be set and the green ''Run'' button should be available below the IntelliJ IDEA menu bar.
===Execute Your Query===
* If the configuration does not run as a standalone instance, make sure that BaseX is up and running.
* Click the ''Run'' button to execute your query.
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