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'''Note:''' You can also use the GUI's [[Graphical_User_Interface#Editor|editor]] to create and edit your own XML document. Just specify it as input file for the creation of a new database after having saved the document to disk.
To '''open, rename, copy or drop a database''', choose ''Database'' → ''Open & Manage...'' from the menu. Select one of the available databases on the left-hand side and click on one of the buttons on the right: ''Open'', ''Rename...'', ''Copy...'' or ''Drop...''. To open a database, you can also double-click on the database name.
Opening a database activates three more options in the ''Database'' menu. The ''Properties'' item gives you very detailed insights into your database's resources, elements, attributes, indexes and many oder options. The ''Export'' item lets you serialize your database into a whole range of different formats. The ''Close'' item closes the database. Currently open databases are closed automatically as soon as another database is opened.
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