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# In Eclipse, go to menu ''Eclipse'' → ''Preferences''. In the ''Preferences'' dialog, chose the ''oXygen XML Editor'' item, and then the ''Data Sources'' subitem.# In the Data Sourcespanel, add a new data source using the ''New'' button ({{Code|+}}).# Enter "BaseX" as name and select ''XQuery API for Java(XQJ)'' from the ''Type'' dropdown box.# Add the following JAR files (downloaded in Preparations procedure) with the ''Add Files'' Button. The versions of the JAR files may differ.#* {{Code|basex/lib/xqj-api-1.0.jar}}#* {{Code|basex/lib/xqj2-0.2.0.jar}}#* {{Code|basex/lib/basex-xqj-9.0.jar}}#* {{Code|basex/BaseX.jar}}, if you want to use BaseX embedded# Under "Driver class", choose the preferred driver class:#* Embedded: {{Code|net.xqj.basex.BaseXXQDataSource}}#* Client/server: {{Code|net.xqj.basex.local.BaseXXQDataSource}}# Click ''OK'' item.
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