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Usage: basex [-bcdiIoqrRstuvVwxz] [input]
[input] XQuery or command file, or query string
-b<argspars> Bind external query variables
-c<input> Execute commands from file or string
-d Toggle debugging output
-i<input> Bind file or database to context
-I<input> Bind input string to context
-o<pathfile> Write output to local file
-q<expr> Execute XQuery expression
-r<num> Run query multiple times
-R Toggle query execution
-s<argspars> Set serialization parameters
-t[path] Run tests in file or directory
-u Toggle updates in original files
Usage: basexserver [-cdnpSz] [stop]
stop Stop running server
-c<inputcmd> Execute commands from file or string
-d Enable debugging output
-n<name> Set host the server is bound to
| {{Code|-p127.0.0.1}}
|- valign="top"
| {{Code|-p&lt;numport&gt;}}
| Specifies the port on which the server will be addressable.
| <code>[[Options#SERVERPORT|SERVERPORT]]</code>
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