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BaseX is very light-weight. It can be run and used in various ways:
* as standalone application, using the [[#StandaloneMode|StandaloneMode]] mode or the [[#Graphical User Interface|Graphical User Interface]],* as [[#Client/Database Server|Client/Database Server]] applicationin a client/server architecture, or* as [[#HTTP ServerWeb Application|Web Application]], called from a web server.
It can also be embedded as a library in your own application.
More details on concurrency are found in the [[Transaction Management]] article.
The [[Standalone Mode]] can be used to execute XQuery expressions or run database commands on command line. It can also be used both for scripting and batch processing your XML data. It can be started as follows (get more information on all [[Command-Line Options#Standalone|Startup Options]]):
* On ''Windows'': Double click on the '''BaseX''' icon.
It is important to remember that the standalone mode does ''not'' interact with the [[#Clientclient/Server|Client/Server]] server architecture.
=Graphical User Interface=
Note that the GUI does ''not'' interact with the client/server architecture.
=Client/Database Server= ==Server==
The [[Database Server]] comes into play if BaseX is to be used by
* Run one of the {{Code|[[Start_Scripts#Linux.2FMac:_basex|basexserver]]}} or {{Code|[[Start Scripts#Windows: basex.bat|basexserver.bat]]}} scripts. Add the {{Code|stop}} keyword to gracefully shut down the server.
* Execute the following command: {{Code|java -cp BaseX.jar org.basex.BaseXServer}}. Again, the {{Code|stop}} keyword will ensure a graceful shutdown.
* On ''Windows'': Double click on the '''BaseX Server''' icon, which will also start the HTTP Server used for [[#HTTP ServerWeb Application|HTTP ServerWeb Applications]], or the '''BaseX Server (stop)''' icon.
Pressing {{Code|Ctrl+c}} will close all connections and databases and shut down the server process.
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