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The built-in text editor is a powerful tool for writing XQuery scripts and modules, and for developing full [[RESTXQ]] applications. It can also be used to write and run XQuery files and modules, edit XML and JSON documents, [[Commands#Basics|Command Scripts]], and any other text files:
* XQuery , XML and XML JSON files will be '''parsed''' with each key clickin realtime, and '''errors''' will be highlighted.* XQuery code and command scripts can be '''executed''' (via Ctrl Enter, or by clicking on the green triangle).
* '''Syntax highlighting''' is available for XQuery, XML, JSON and JavaScript files.
Numerous [[Shortcuts|keyboard shortcuts]] are available to speed up editing and debugging. Some examples: * Ctrl H: Search the currently selected string in your complete project.* Ctrl .: Jump to the next erroneous code in your project.
{{Mark|Introduced with Version 9.1}}: If you right-click on an XML document in the Project View, the selected file will be parsed and bound to the context item:
Bureaucrats, editor, reviewer, Administrators


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