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* {{Code|data/}}: Database directory. See [[Configuration]] for more details.
* {{Code|etc/}}: Example data: XML sample, [[Catalog Resolver|catalog and DTD files]].
* {{Code|lib/}}: Extra libraries (Jetty, Tagsoup, …), which will be added to the classpath by the start scripts.* {{Code|lib/custom/}}: Directory for , in which additional JAR files can be placed (such as the Saxon library), which will be added to the classpath.
* {{Code|repo/}}: [[Repository]] (the [ FunctX] library is included as example).
* {{Code|src/}}: Directory for your XQuery scripts and other source data.
* {{Code|webapp/}}: [[Web Application]] directory: RESTXQ web application, REST scripts, [[DBA]].
If BaseX is started via the start scripts or the Windows icons, all JAR files in the {{Code|lib}} directory and its descendant directories will be added to the classpath.
If you work with the ZIP distribution, and if you want to make BaseX globally available, you can add the {{Code|bin}} directory to your PATH environment variable.
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