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After BaseX has been unzipped or installed, the following directories will be available:
* {{Code|bin}}: Start scripts (Windows, Linux).* {{Code|data}}: Database directory (see . See [[Configuration]] for more details).* {{Code|etc}}: Example data: XML sample, [[Catalog Resolver|catalog and DTD files]].
* {{Code|lib}}: Extra libraries (Jetty, Tagsoup, …), which will be added to the class path by the start scripts.
* {{Code|lib/custom}}: Directory for additional JAR files (such as the Saxon library).
* {{Code|repo}}: Repository directory for XQuery modules (the [ FunctX] library is included as example).* {{Code|src}}: Directory for your XQuery scripts and other source data.* {{Code|webapp}}: [[Web-Application]] directory: RESTXQ web application, REST scripts, [[DBA]].
If you work with the ZIP distribution, and if you want to make BaseX globally available, you can add the {{Code|bin}} directory to your PATH environment variable.
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