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===XML: Direct, Attributes===
If the {{Code|direct}} or {{Code|attributes}} format is chosen, a CSV string is converted to XML as follows:
* The resulting XML document has a {{Code|<csv>}} root element.
With This format has been introduced with {{Version|9.0}}, the new {{Code|xquery}} format is available. It is more flexible and light-weight than the {{Code|map}} format, which has been dropped.
With the {{Code|xquery}} format, CSV records can be are converted to a plain sequence of arrays:
* The resulting value will be a map with a {{Code|records}} and an optional {{Code|names}} key.
* The column names will be available if {{Code|header}} option is set to {{Code|true}}.
The resulting data CSV map can e.g. be accessed as follows:
* <code>$csv?records[5]</code> returns all entries of the 5th record (row)
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