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** As most values are strings, the ''string'' type is by default omitted.
The {{Code|mapxquery}} format is lossless, too. It converts a JSON document to an XQuery map and vice versa. The conversion rules are the same as for [[XQuery 3.1#fn:parse-json|fn:parse-json]]. Before {{Version|9.0}}, it was named {{Code|map}} (it has been renamed because it may also generate strings and other types).
| {{Code|format}}
| Specifies the format for converting JSON data.
| {{Code|direct}}, {{Code|attributes}}, {{Code|jsonml}}, {{Code|mapxquery}}
| {{Code|direct}}
| ''parse'', ''serialize''
;Version 9.0
* Updated: <code>map</code> format renamed to <code>xquery</code>.
;Version 8.4
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